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Professional waxing kit with Film wax

Professional waxing kit with Film wax
Brand: Waxee
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Waxee- Professional waxing kit with film wax.

1) "Waxee" wax heater
+ inner container special for hard wax
-500g "Waxee" Hard film wax (to choose from: "Natural", "Rose" or "White chocolate"
-"Waxee" After wax lotion with Azulene -"Waxee" After wax lotion with Azulene -"Waxee" After wax lotion with Azulene -"Waxee" After wax lotion with Azulene -"Waxee" After wax lotion with Azulene -"Waxee" After wax lotion with Azulene -"Waxee" After wax lotion with Azulene -"Waxee" After wax lotion with Azulene 100ml
-50 waxing wooden spatulas

"Waxee" film wax- Natural

This wax is suitable for use on the lip, underarm and eyebrow waxing and particularly effective on bikini areas including Brazillian Waxing.

It`s used with a low temperature and for this it is suggested for delicate parts like groin, the armpits and the face.

It has different density; it means an application of wax more abundant than the other waxes in cans but it doesn`t need the use of strips for the removal.

The product is the latest result of research conducted by the greatest cosmetic laboratories in Italy. A completely new product in the UK and abroad. The product has been developed for an effective and easy method of redundant hair removal. Its structure allows the use in areas which are particularly sensitive and where hair removal is difficult. Ideal for waxing female moustache hair, and the bikini and armpit areas. The use of strips is not required! Compared to traditional hair removal waxes, it is more efficient and far more effective. Recommended for normal skin, with no tendency to become irritated.

"Waxee" Film Wax- Rose

Transparent film wax. Red colour. Applied in thin layer, removed as a film. Characterized by quite long hardening period which allows even inexperienced cosmetologist to apply wax on depilation area thoroughly, have enough time to correct mistakes prior to wax hardening. Effective for removal of coarse and short hairs. Ideal for armpits and classic bikini areas

"Waxee" Film Wax: White Chocolate

Medium thickness wax with titanium dioxide. White chocolate colour. Characterized by high plasticity while does not create stretchy threads. Does not leave irritation or redness on skin. Effective for removal of coarse and short hairs. It has medium-long hardening period.

"Waxee" wax heater + inner container for hard wax


-Voltage - 220- 240V - 50Hz.
-Power - 100W.
-Weight - 0.65kg.
-Diameter - 18.5cm.
-Height - 15cm.
-Practical - a built-in LED indicating 230V power status.
-Functional - the 120cm power cord allows freedom while working with it.
-Automatic - has a built-in thermostat with the ability to smoothly regulate the temperature.
-An ergonomic and modern design makes hold the heater easy during the hair removal treatment

"Waxee" 100ml oil-free after wax lotion “Azulene”

Easily removes wax residues and feeling of stickiness after depilation, absorbs immediately, does not create oily effect on the skin. Dries quickly and has slightly cooling effect. Contains Azulene which is renowned from its soothing effect. Very economical in use.

How to use: apply to skin after the depilation with light massage movements till complete wax removal.

Depilation procedure for film hot wax "Waxee"

Just before the waxing treatment:
* separate the required amount of wax and put it into a inner container,
* put the inner container into the heater, plug it in and set the right temperature,
* clean and degrease the skin
* dry the skin thoroughly,
* talc or dusting powder can be applied.

The waxing treatment:
* heat the wax in a wax heater to make it become liquid,
* if the wax is thick and poorly distributed, it should be heated few more minutes,

*before application make sure the wax is not too hot
* apply a thick layer of the heated wax with a spatula on a small area of the skin,
* the wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth,
* wait until the wax hardens and becomes cool,
* then lift the applied wax and tear it with a single tug in the opposite direction of hair growth,
* any wax residue should be removed with after wax lotion.
* if after wax cream is additionally applied, it will prevent hair ingrowth, delay hair regrowth, the hair will be weaker, and subsequent treatments will be less painful.
ATTENTION! Do not rush during application, press spatula thoroughly with necessary force;


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