Stripless, hard film wax application

Just before the waxing treatment:

* separate the required amount of wax and put it into a pan,
* put the pan into the heater, plug it in and set the right temperature,
* to heat the wax you can also use a metal container immersed in hot water (“the water bath”),
* clean and degrease the skin with pre wax lotion, which also has anaesthetic properties, or degrease the skin with soap and water,
* dry the skin thoroughly,
* talc or dusting powder can be applied.

The waxing treatment:
* heat the wax in a wax heater to make it become liquid,
* if the wax is thick and poorly distributed, it should be heated for about 10 more minutes,
* apply a thick layer of the heated wax with a spatula on a small area of the skin,
* the wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth,
* wait until the wax hardens and becomes cool,
* then lift the applied wax and tear it with a single tug in the opposite direction of hair growth,
* any wax residue should be removed with after wax oil or after wax milk.
* to relieve the irritation after the waxing treatment, we recommend after wax lotion,
* if after wax cream is additionally applied, it will prevent hair ingrowth, delay hair regrowth, the hair will be weaker, and subsequent treatments will be less painful.

The day after the hair removal treatment:
-Moisturising the skin;
-Using post-epilation cream for a few more days .

-Do not perform cosmetic treatments such as acid treatments, cleaning, etc. in the places where the hair removal treatment has been made.

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