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Waxee PINK TiO2+ 100ml roll-on wax

Waxee PINK TiO2+ 100ml roll-on wax
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PINK- roll on wax cartridge- 100 ml.

High quality hair removal wax Natural Beeswax, enriched with TITANIUM DIOXIDE

Titanium Dioxide: Produces a creamy and very gentle wax that spreads easily, reduces pain and redness in even the most sensitive areas and guarantees a superior grip on the hair.

ROSIN FREE formula!

Colophony (Rosin) is the sticky substance distilled from the sap of pine trees. It is found in a wide variety of products because of its ‘sticky’ property. Products like plasters, tapes, glues, cement, shoe wax, ski wax and hair removal wax. Because of its harsh nature, hair removal waxes that contain this ingredient can be the cause of irritation or allergic reaction after these services. Initially the skin becomes red, inflamed and itchy and gets progressively, intensely itchy and even blisters.

Special for normal hair.
A professional product.
It can be very easily applied in very thin layer thanks to its unique composition and can be removed with one gentle tear , which leaves no residue on the skin.
Its active ingredients make this wax precious making the tear gentle and the skin very soft after using it.
It can be applied in a thin layer and enables a very convenient depilation.
Its particular gel texture together with its active principles make it particularly adopted in removing short and hard body hair because it enables a strong tear which also protect skin from irritations.
Pleasant consistency, optimum for gentle hair removal treatments.
The refill has a patented system of a new generation of the “roll-on” which prevents excessive leakage of wax and facilitates its application.
It leaves smooth, soft and protected skin.
The roll is wide (46 mm) - makes wax application easy.
Refill dimensions without the roll: 112x52x22 mm.
Refill dimensions with the roll: 138x58x28 mm.
Expiry date after the first use: 24 months.

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